SlowFood and ExtraVogliO 2017: we are still this year!

This year our oil continues to collect precious acknowledgments, giving us joy and satisfaction that we always look forward to sharing with you.

Important goals, which sanction the success of our passion, daily dedication, constant work and the ever-present innovative component. So, after being included in the guide of Fausto Borella, Terre d’Olio 2017, and having been protagonist of Striscia La News in the Countries and landscapes section of Davide Rampello, we are also happy to be among the excellence selected by Extra I Want and Slow Food.

ExtraVogliO, the guide written by Piero Palanti, aims to tell and enhance the extra virgin olive oil, its properties, the genuineness of our land and the craftsmanship of our work. The guide, found here (we are on page 89), is a prestigious reference point for industry experts and oil enthusiasts.

Slow Food is the nonprofit international association that supports Italian territory and excellence, enhancing its typicalness, peculiarities and unquestionable quality. In the Slow Wine guide produced annually by Slow Food, the Progetto Olio section is dedicated to the best olives in Italy, the children of the producers who best interpret the organoleptic, territorial and environmental values ​​in tune with the philosophy of Slow Food, as read in guide.

In Slow Wine 2017 you will also find Mario Pannarale Farm and our oil. Here we are

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