The world’s best Peranzana oil in 2016? It’s ours!

The best extra-virgin olive oil of Peranzana in the world of 2016 is that from Agricola Pannarale, EVOO WR word -Extravirgin Olive Oil World Ranking.

EVOO World Ranking is a body created to promote the world’s best extra virgin olive oil to the global consumer. The winners reported in the ranking are the best oils that have participated in the world at the 31 competitions launched in 2016.

This allows the consumer to know what Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best in the world today, along with the best companies, the best variety and typology.

In 2016, our extra-virgin olive oil from Peranzana was placed at the top of the standings for varieties – in our case Peranzana – with 149.50 points, detaching the second of 47.25 points.

The victory at the Olive Japan (Japan), TerraOlivo (Jerusalem) and D-iooc (Italy) competitions allowed us to climb the highest podium.

For us, 2017 starts at the big. After the great recognition received by the Striscia la Notizia section,  Paesi e Paesaggi, which speaks of Italian excellence, Evoo Worl Ranking confirms the road of the great quality that our extra virgin olive oil has undertaken for a long time.

Source: Evoo World Ranking

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