Our story begins with Vincenzo, a great-grandfather from the Land of Bari, who owned an oil mill and goes on with his grandfather Giuseppe, then moved to Alto Tavoliere

We live and work in Torremaggiore. Our grandfather’s old olive trees are still with us and grow according to ancient farming practices, producing a generous olive tree: the Peranzana.

Over the years, international recognition has grown: Slow Food, Gambero Rosso, TerredoOlio, New York Times, D-iooc, Olive Japan, TerraOlivo.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil World Ranking has rewarded our Peranzana oil as the world’s first in 2016.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Peranzana is balanced

A delicious taste that offers balmy and spicy notes skillfully combined, giving a harmonious, unique and enveloping flavor.

Artichoke green feelings complete it with a bitter almond finish.



Agricola Pannarale is located in Torremaggiore, high Tavoliere delle Puglie, north of Foggia

A wonderful hilly area characterized by olive groves cultivated with the unmistakable Sanseverese pot.

Land rich in history with a generous olive cultivar: the Peranzana.

A good fruity, herbal hints and a bitter almond finish: it is the territory that makes Peranzana unique. Pedoclimatic factors affect the characteristics of the olive tree: it is impossible to replicate its taste in other parts of the world.