Israel, at TerraOlivo is Prestige Gold for our Oil!

Our extra-virgin olive oil from Peranzana has achieved a tremendous achievement also at TerraOlivo, the third most important competition in the world that rewards the best extra-virgin oils in absolute.

The Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition is one of the 5 major international competitions on extra virgin olive oil that assigns the “TerraOlivo International Award – MIOOC” and has been held since 2010 in the ancient city of Jerusalem.

Approximately 629 oil samples arrived in the Holy Land to compete this year from 19 countries with Spain in the lead (about 190 samples), followed by Greece (94), Italy (52) and Portugal (46), these The nations with greater participation.

35 contest judges, from 8 countries.

For our oil it was PRESTIGE GOLD

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