Our new oils 2

Today we want to tell you the genesis of our second extra virgin olive oil: the Casino Mezzanola.
Even in this case, the name evokes the history of our company and the road that we have gone to today.

Mezzanola is the name of the district where our olive grove is located. Casino in Italian identifies instead the country residence of the ancient noble landowners.
Casino Mezzanola is our monocultivar oil of Peranzana, the highest quality expression of our land. It is the cultivar that is always generous in its perfumes and taste.
It is an oil that has a perfect balance of apple and spicy and intense herbal scents, artichoke and bitter almond. Casino Mezzanola expresses nose fruity areas of medium intensity with herbaceous sensations that recall the tomato leaves that fill the aftertaste and give it freshness.
As of 1885, even Casino Mezzanola is a filtered oil to minimize the risk of oil oxidation due to the natural deposit that forms at the bottom of the containers and to leave intact the taste and fragrances of the oil, the whole year.

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