Almost done … new oil is coming !

These last months of 2016 represent an important moment for us, which we want to share with all those who have given us confidence over time.

Always in Agricola Pannarale we are looking for the best quality for our products. This translates into a continuous challenge in interpreting the needs of our customers, the flavors and the traditions that our oils have been telling us for more than one hundred and forty years.

Our new labels

On the one hand, the launch of our new labels. More than just imagery and that best encapsulates the evolution of our brand, and they are completely updating our product line. Not just a legal requirement – they change over time the different regulations and with them the relevant product references – but a real growth signal that we have been designing for a long time.

1885 and Casino Mezzanola: our new oils

And just about our oils focuses on our growth. The new production will in fact make two new, exclusive oils go to represent our offer: 1885 and Casino Mezzanola. Two oils of evocative names, dear ones, who identify our territory more and more, and the result of the quest for the highest quality.

With 1885 we remember the foundation date of the company. The birth of our adventure. 1885 is a blend oil, obtained from a precious selection of cultivars of Peranzana and Rotondella, varieties typical of our territory.

Casino Mezzanola evokes the contrada where our olive grove is located, where the term “casino” identifies the country residence of the ancient landowners. It is a monocultivar oil of Peranzana, the highest expression of the qualitative selection of such a unique olive.

We want to share with you our path. Over the next few weeks, we will be able to tell you in detail the history and quality of our new products, presenting our exclusive offers to our loyal customers.

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See you soon,

Giuseppe Pannarale

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