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1885, the blend of Peranzana and Rotondella

1885 is the beginning of our story. A story that began about one hundred and thirty years ago with the great-grandfather, originally from the Land of Bari – the owner of a well-established oil mill – and continues with his grandfather who at some point in his life decides to emigrate to the north of Puglia.

Since then our family lives and works in Torremaggiore, in the Upper Tavoliere area and the olive trees planted by their grandfather are still with us. The generations that have succeeded over time have magnified the property.

With 1885 we remember the foundation date of the company. It represents our origins, the starting point for a long journey. 1885 interprets our history by incarnating a blend of oil, obtained from the selection of olive cultivars typical of our territory, the Peranzana and the Rotondella that have over the centuries adapted to our microclimate.

It represents the utmost expression of our territory.

1885 is a filtered oil so as to minimize the risk of oxidation of the product due to the natural deposit that forms at the bottom of the containers, so as to keep intact the taste and perfumes for the whole year.

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