Wild onions in oil? Not only and in every season!

The lampascione is a very popular product,but not everyone knows that it can be enjoyed in all seasons and not just in oil.


The new wild onions harvest  has just begun a few days ago.


Wild onion is a special fruit with a thousand of properties. Very ancient, protagonist of many stories.

It is said that the Romans considered it indispensable in wedding banquets because it was considered a good omen, a powerful aphrodisiac useful for stimulating the passion of young spouses. Also recommended By Ovid and Pliny the Elder.

How to store it

The wild onion is rich in precious nutrients for our well-being, as well as having that unique and unmistakable taste, which smells of Puglia and always thrills, in every season.

Yes, just in every season. The lampascione can in fact be stored for whole months, if placed in a perforated box and covered with earth. It is a bulb. It must live underground, in the dark, in the cool and dry.

So it is ready to be inside the plate at every occurrence.

The benefits

It is a product with a thousand benefits. Very rich in mineral salts, fibers and has very few calories. It stimulates intestinal functions, helps prevent the formation of thrombi and has a high anti-inflammatory and antitumor power, able to regulate bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

You can taste it in many recipes. We prefer to keep it in oil, so we can combine the benefits of the lampascione even those extra virgin olive oil. Do you want to know how to prepare it?


Here is the recipe.

  • 1 Kg of wild onions
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 liter of white wine vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • Oil from Peranzana

How to prepare them

Clean the lampascioni from the earth residuals and from the most external parts. Crimp them in the lower part (this operation will facilitate cooking). Wash them and put them to soak for about an hour (they will lose a bit ‘of bitter). It is very important not to wash the wild onions before cleaning them, because once engraved they take out a kind of whey which, when in contact with water, becomes a kind of glue and this complicates the cleaning operation a lot.

Boil water, vinegar and salt together and dip the lampascioni. They will have to boil for about 5 minutes. After drain them well and leave them in a colander for a couple of hours. After putting them in sterilized glass jars, cover with extra virgin olive oil and keep in a cool and dry place.

Take care during the first few days to check the oil level, which tends to decrease slightly as the wild onions absorb it. In case you fall add more oil and if you like, you can add spices like oregano, parsley or mint, chilli.

Your wild onions in oil are ready to satisfy your palate, even if you let them rest a little better, they get more flavored.
If you want to enjoy them immediately, we have them ready.
There are other ways to savor the wild onions, come and find out which ones.

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