The olive harvest 2017 is over!

The moment when everything takes shape and is substantiated, a rendezvous with nature that we can not miss: the harvest.

Well yes! Also this year the harvesting phase of our Peranzana and Rotondella cultivars has been closed.

The harvesting phase for those involved in agriculture is a crucial phase, the moment when all your one-year work makes sense. It reveals itself.
It is strange, however, as an event so cadenced and inevitable, to give such great and different emotions each year, surprising you every time. The biggest surprise do you know which one is?

That of discovering how each year, each campaign gives something in terms of experience and beauty, something that you could not even imagine learning, because you did not know it was there. You did not know that once again, this wonderful land of Puglia was there to give magic and to amaze you.

The harvest began at the end of October starting from the Rotondella cultivar that matures before, continuing with the Peranzana which matures and invades later.

This campaign seemed to be suffering, due to the drought and the African temperatures of this summer. Olives risked being less fleshy than in the past and therefore able to offer a lower yield in terms of oil.

Suffering that when harvesting had already begun, it was instead manifested, precisely because of the incessant rain that made the land impracticable for about ten days, not benefiting the olives, as the fruit had already completed its maturation process.

We tried to protect our olives as much as possible, preventing the drought of the previous months from affecting the product, deteriorating it. We have provided our olive groves with irrigation, reducing water and thermal stress to the maximum. To date, nature has rewarded us.

The olives presented themselves at the rendezvous of the harvest in excellent shape, without diseases, with an excellent proportion between the pulp and the hazel and good vegetation.
We were able to once again obtain an exceptional extra virgin olive oil in terms of taste and health, which witnessed the excellence of the Apulian evo oil. The data confirm us numbers. in terms of acidity and polyphenols, the first and elevated seconds are low, which make us proud of our oil for the contribution it succeeds in giving at the table and in health.

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