Evoo, plowing and more.

After the stress of harvesting and the Christmas break, detox and regenerating phase for our olive groves.

Plants during the harvesting phase suffer a benefit and paradoxically also a stress. The tree benefits from the moment it is deprived of its fruits, it feels lighter. Benefit visible to the naked eye: a few minutes after the beginning of the harvest, the trees literally rise up again.

The foliage of the olive trees look more and more to the sky, they tend more and more upwards, as if to thank him for the gift received. This operation also involves traumas for plants, micro wounds that need to be disinfected. For this we provide immediately to “medicate” with lime and green copper and begin a real treatment of beauty fatigue for our olive trees.

Ready? Let’s start, begin with the treatment!


Phase One: lighten up.

We begin with the pruning of our young Peranzana and then proceed with the old one. For this time, priority to the young! The reason? The Peranzana trees of the young olive grove have a thicker and more robust foliage than the trunk, which instead appears more slender.

With the predicted snowfall, rain and wind, the branches could break, risking to compromise the whole plant. The ultracentenarian olive trees have a massive trunk, stronger than the branches and the canopy, able to better withstand the elements. Therefore they are pruned in a second time.


Step two: clean up.

During the harvesting phase, the grass is left on the ground to facilitate the work. This allows access to the soil more easily and drains water and moisture that naturally develop.

Now it’s time to give a nice clean! We are plowing our land to eliminate grass. We do not use herbicides of any kind. We try to offer our plants treatments as natural as possible.


Step three: get back into strength.

After disinfecting and cleaning, the moment of reinforcement arrives. We provide for fertilizing our soil with natural products.

We use the manure, even this kilometer zero, coming from a non-intensive buffalo farm in the area.

The love and care that we dedicate to our olive groves, allow us to produce an evocative Apulian oil of first quality pergola, excellent at a gastronomic level but also a real cure for health.

The data give us reason. Come and find out why.

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