The best Peranzana oil in the world of 2017? Ours!

History repeats itself. Our Apulian oil from Peranzana is back on the roof of the world.

2018 opens with positive news for our Apulian oil from Peranzana “Casino Mezzanola”.

We are world champions of Peranzana for the second time, thus confirming the result obtained in 2016. Once again to our oil from Puglia, it is recognized as one of the best oil in the world. We are in the oil Olympus.

The EVOO World Ranking is a body created to promote the best extra virgin olive oils in the world to the global consumer. The winners listed in the ranking are the best oils that have participated in the world at the 30 competitions held in 2017.

Our oil evo monucultivar of Peranzana Casino Mezzanola is the first classified in the section for varieties such as Peranzana. Our oil reported a score of 117.

All this makes us proud and gratifying. We try to do our job better, putting care and commitment in all stages of production. The result obtained is a satisfactory goal, but we consider it a stimulating starting point.

Our ambition is to continue to improve constantly and make our extra virgin olive oil from Peranzana more and more an excellence.

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