Sanremo and a song of extra virgin olive oil.

Sanremo: food, music and extra virgin olive oil from Apulia. An event where the oil evo of Peranzana, the beauties of Apulia and those of Italy cross.

Music and oil

Because Sanremo is Sanremo

The Sanremo Festival is an unmissable event for us Italians, a bit like extra-virgin olive oil at the table.
Source of endless discussions on music, organization, orchestra and clothes of the stars who will take part, Sanremo is a postcard of Italian culture in the world.
It is a microcosm that encompasses Italianness. Music would not exist if an Italian, Guido d’Arezzo, had not invented the notes and the pentagram. Music, in all its forms, from opera to popular song, speaks Italian, as well as fashion.


Could it therefore lack in this microcosm that celebrates Italianness, food, our first ambassador in the world? Of course not! Puglia could not be missing with its gastronomic heritage, which speaks of fragrant and crisp bread, of wines that tell the freshness and the power of this land, of expertly seasoned cheeses, of knotted mozzarella and invariably of extra virgin olive oil. This time the oil that speaks Italian and Pugliese to the whole world is ours. It is the Peranzana extra virgin olive oil.

Our oil from Apulia, will speak to the world and will represent a whole territory, thanks to the presence of the Peranzana Alta Daunia Consortium of Torremaggiore.

Why Peranzana oil is in Sanremo.

The aim of this presence is to make known the gastronomic qualities and the beneficial properties of our evo oil from Peranzana, which thanks to its taste halfway between bitter and spicy, gives our body a full
Of polyphenols and antioxidants.
The Peranzana olive is very special: excellent both as a table olive and oil. A ductile olive in processing, but firm in taste and with solid “roots”. Peranzana is the symbol of the high Tavoliere, produced exclusively in this part of Apulia, in the municipalities of San Paolo di Civitate, San Severo and Torremaggiore.
Why Sanremo as a showcase to make known this gastronomic heritage?
Because Sanremo is Sanremo!

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